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Understanding Wellness


Wellbeing is not just the absence or removal of symptoms. When symptoms are removed the result is emptiness, not wellbeing. This is simple Replacement Theory - for something to work better you remove the old and replace with the new. If the light bulb no longer works, you need to replace it with a new bulb in order to access the light you need - otherwise you are left in the dark. Mental ill-health is like sitting in darkness. Wellbeing requires new learning. It is built with courage, perspective, hope and perseverance.

The science of optimism is foundational to building positive health and wellbeing. In fact, it can be taught and many people have learned the tools and strategies to discover resilience and mental fitness.

Positive Psychology explains that those who live in the minus zone, or who habitually focus on the deficit are prone to being flat and languishing. However, those who live in the plus zone, or who habitually operate from a strengths perspective are more likely to be lifted and flourish.

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Positive Health Activates Wellbeing!