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"It is all too commonplace not to be mentally ill - but to be stuck and languishing"
Seligman, 2011

Positive Psychology

Positive Mental Health is about presence.

It is living in the current moment of challenge, of celebration and of connectedness to others.

  • Positive Psychology is the scientific study of wellbeing - it is the study of what goes right
  • Optimism
  • Wellbeing
  • Core Strengths
  • Life Satisfaction
  • Resilience
  • Life of Purpose

Theory of Welbeing

Positive Psychology demonstrates that people have the capacity to learn and grow into wellness. This framework has five elements that describe wellbeing which can be known as the 5 Pillars to Flourishing. When each of the five pillars become active and alive, people begin to move into a state of optimal mental health.

This movement toward wellbeing and positive existence is known as the Heliotropic Effect. Liken it to a sunflower that moves in the direction of sunlight in order to grow and create the most spectacular flower - as do people that move toward a life which engages the motion of positive energy.

What Three Good Things Happened to Me Today?


PERMA Definitions


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Positive Health Activates Wellbeing!