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"I love moving people from a state of languishing towards a state of flourishing, embedding respect, resilience and resolve along the way. They love it and ready to take on the world"
Maria Ruberto

Member Australian Psychology Society
The Australian Centre for Eating Disorders
Certified PR6 Brain-based Resilience Coach

About Maria

Maria Ruberto
Maria is the founder and director of Salutegenics Psychology, a strengths-based practise that moves people in personal and professional coaching toward mental fitness and life- health. Maria’s work is heavily influenced by Positive Psychology theory.

The core mission of her work is to transition people towards a state of flourishing, embedding respect, resilience and resolve along the way.

Maria Ruberto’s work is dynamic, interactive and spirited. Her application of psychology is anchored by research in neuroscience and brain function - and framed by the science of optimism.

A psychologist with over 23 years of clinical and industry experience, Maria delivers practical workshops and professional education to forward thinking organisations.

Maria is focused on increasing the capacity and performance of individuals and teams who rely on highly tuned relationships and emotional intelligence to achieve professional, organisational and client success.

Positive health activates wellbeing and success follows authenticity.

Maria teaches Leaders, CEO’s, Senior Executives, HR, Sales and Marketing professionals to open their lives, apply optimistic tools and activate positive affectivity within a meaningful and fulfilling context.

Research demonstrates that developing personal skills and internal resources in Affective Functioning and Strengths-Building significantly increases human wellness, a critical advantage for organisations pursuing customer fulfilment, team engagement and work- life balance in the face of increasing demands and pressures to perform.

Maria is equally established in delivering public workshops and is in high demand as a keynote speaker and consultant with corporate, not-for-profit, education and health organisations.*

Maria is also a national registered trainer for Youth Mental Health First Aid. MHFA is a two full day training program that teaches specific categories of mental ill-health like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance misuse, psychosis and how to deal with crises in young people. She has delivered the training widely with different audiences ranging from teachers, leaders, community workers, parents and allied health professionals.

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* Maria has worked extensively for 10 years within the areas of Educational Leadership, Trauma Response and statewide initiatives relating to Student Wellbeing with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. She has worked with Travancore School of Mental Health which is a partnership with the Royal Children’s Hospital, Orygen Youth Mental Health and is currently consulting with Beyond Blue to develop training around the new resilience resource Sense Ability.

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Positive Health Activates Wellbeing!