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The Real Story of the Ants and the Bees

The Real Story of the Ants and the Bees

Author: Stephen Campbell, Maria Ruberto, Josh Gee & Rob Rostolis

Price: $20 inc GST

The Real Story of the ANTs and the BEEs. Automatic Negative Thoughts and how to manage these through Believing in positive Expectations and Emotions.

In this second book, the concept of the Negativity Bias is explored through Alma the Awful Ant who embodies ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts). Negative thinking can come from excessive worry and paying attention to the deficits or awful things in our lives. It causes us to develop unhelpful and catastrophic beliefs and fear that bad things will happen. When ANTS frequently enter our thinking, it triggers the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis (HPA) activation in the brain, where stress hormones rapidly release into the body. From this, children can experience strong physiological symptoms like feeling tight in their chest, rapid or shallow breathing, having a dry mouth or throat heart palpitating, frequent visits to the toilet, nausea and dizziness. ANTS are abundant when anxiety is high. We teach children to turn their attention to creating BEES - Believe in positive Expectations and Emotions. BEES include helpful thoughts, expressing gratitude, thinking optimistically, remembering positive experiences, or engaging in something they really enjoy. This will release endorphins and help moderate and even exterminated the ANTS. The BEES ensure that resources in the Hippocampus are utilised effectively throughout the whole brain for optimal neural function and learning.

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