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Parenting with Presence
How can families support children manage their emotions? Emotions are core to human experience and fundamental to the development of mental fitness and prosocial development from birth to adulthood. They play a significant role in the development of coping and optimising life’s journeys, yet they remain intangible and elusive due to the impact they have on our physiology, given they are invisible and only identifiable through behaviour or expression...
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PP Reflections
PP reflections

Positive Psychology is the most recent branch of psychological science which investigates human potential, positive health, emotional competency and the ability to thrive and flourish. The main difference between the clinical and positive methodology is that the latter applies a strengths-based approach to identifying and improving wellbeing rather than a deficit-based approach to solely treat illness. It does not ignore the symptoms or afflictions, but simply does not use the absence of deficits to describe the presence of an optimal quality of life...

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Understanding Anxiety
What is anxiety? One way of understanding anxiety is through the idea that all humans experience stress. There are different levels of stress, but not all stress is bad stress. We all need a small or moderate amount of stress to enable us, get the job done, increase our focus to a task and pull our resources together to be effective and productive...

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Positive Health Activates Wellbeing!